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Bespoke website registration system and mobile application solution

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The Live Group - Fully integrated event technology

gMobile and GreengageLive

Our working relationship with The Live Group has spanned over the past 5 years and has continued to push the boundaries of event based digital technologies. We developed several tools and systems for The Live Group. Originally developing a simple conferencing tool but this has grown and evolved over the years to meet new requirements, features and requests. The Greengage event and delegate management system allows events to be managed from creation to client reporting post event. It has been built with the flexibility to customise individual events in many ways through the administration system. Our continued relationship with the client means that we can individually tailor events with bespoke features without impacting existing events or functionality.

In late 2013, we developed the Live Group’s interactive event technology to incorporate – Gmobile / Greengage Mobile. Greengage Mobile is a web app which lets delegates connect with each other before, during and after their event using their own devices (smartphones / tablets). With access to all event materials on digital devices, clients can create a totally paperless event. The app doesn’t need to be downloaded, and it’s protected so event and delegate data is secure. Features include: personalised agenda, messaging and contact sharing between delegates, venue information, voting, comments and questions function, forum discussions, resources, note-taking and social integration.

'Truly outstanding levels of achievement in the field of event technology' Event Technology Awards - Overall Winner 2013.



  • Bespoke web application
  • CMS
  • eCommerce
  • Reporting
  • Analytics
  • eMarketing
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Events technology
  • Maintenance contract
  • Support services


  • Event registration websites
  • Event management system
  • Event Applications with Beacon location / push services
  • Online voting/video system via Event Apps
  • Social Integration
  • Payment integration & customised invoicing
  • Document and delegate management
  • Statistical system reporting
  • eMarketing solution plugin
  • Offline deployment system
  • Custom site integration
  • Flash-based, tablet-enabled voting system
  • Maintenance Contract in place for over 5 years

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