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  • W3C approves responsive web design

W3C approves responsive web design

by Peter Hinchliffe Director

 Posted on October 23, 2012

You may have heard us talk about responsive website design (RWD) in the past but recently there has been some great news advocating its usage across the web from W3C (The world wide web consortium).
RWD – what is it?

According to Wikipedia - RWD means that a website has been created to use CSS3 media queries to allow a browser to adapt its layout to the viewing environment. This simply means that websites can react to a range of devices (desktop, tablet or mobile) and still use a single source of content without re-sizing, panning or scrolling.
Why is RWD useful?

Put simply, it allows website owners to offer a more flexible and accessible website designing content and layout across all digital platforms. The benefit of a RWD site is that it offers users easier browsing of the website content without creating dedicated mobile sites, overall reducing down the cost of website design and development.
What’s the news about RWD?

Since its launch, designers and developers have seen the benefit of this new opportunity and it has been talked about across the industry for over a couple of years. Now as of July 2012, W3C (the web consortium for development of online standards) has advocated RWD’s usage online. The industry has welcomed this change of status from W3C and it has now received its official “approved” status.

RWD Example
Take a look at our clients website; Channel 3 Group. We responsively designed this site, why not view it on your mobile or tablet? View Here

Interested in re-building your website, why not look at including a responsive website design as part of that brief? Talk to us about it.

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