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  • QR Codes – The truth is out there!

QR Codes – The truth is out there!

by Dan Birch Senior .NET Developer

 Posted on May 19, 2011

We thought it’s time discuss the curious subject of QR codes for marketing and product promotion this month.
QR codes (abbreviated from Quick Response code) are two dimensional barcodes (see our code above) that are readable through QR reader software adapted for Smartphones. The information encoded within these barcodes usually consists of text or most commonly a URL. QR codes started life as a method of tracking parts in manufacturing plants but now are widespread and used to target consumers. They work by using the camera on the phone in conjunction with specific reader software to scan the image and allowing the mobile device to activate additional phone functionality like email, mobile web browsing, phone or SMS.

QR codes essentially can be shared and used in a variety of different contexts such as:

• Business cards – e.g. telephone number and email of the contact added to your contacts list
• Brochures or marketing materials – additional information or link back to a website
• Product tags / packaging – further purchase vouchers or discounted offers
• Exhibition or event nametags – downloads of videos, case studies or mp3s
• Point of sale receipts or tickets – returns information

There are lots of practical applications for these codes and in terms of development the future seems limitless with evolving smartphones and code developments. The question is, do people really use these codes?

Having researched the impact of QR codes, there seems to be mixed reviews. The common consensus suggests that to have maximum effectiveness in your particular campaign, QR codes should be effectively rolled out across all communications media. For example, publishing on a Facebook page, tweeting it, linking on to a website and included it on all marketing materials and brochures. It is also clear that if you have a larger target customer audience, QR codes seem a cost effective additional medium to communicate deals or offers with customers. According to Google Trends, roughly one in five FTSE 250 companies use QR Codes, although this usage is mainly to extend information distributed in advertising. With the mass evolution of mobile social media interaction, it seems QR codes could well be here to stay.

Need help setting up QR codes with your latest campaign, use the code above or contact us.

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