Leumi UK (plc)

Bank Leumi is a relationship-driven boutique bank with global ties.


Leumi UK

Website design and responsive CMS build

Bank Leumi offers a complete range of commercial and private banking solutions for businesses and individuals. As Israel's largest bank the site needed an upgrade to the digital presence it deserves.

Built on an inflexible, CMS with cluttered content, significant changes were required with a fitting platform to improve the editing experience, showcase the services offered, attract talent, provide rates and news updates, as well as generating high-value leads.

Having undertook research into the market and the competitive set, we created a site that had real impact among new and existing clients while also simplifying the content creation and management process for site administrators.

Seamless integration and ease of use

As part of the Umbraco development, we included a number of integrations such as Umbraco Forms, SendGrid, Communigator and Azure B2C Tennant. UX / UI Design, Front-end and Back-end development, Umbraco integration, Market research, Hosting, Pen testing.   

New imagery was sourced alongside more refined typography and colour palette for a design that creates a stronger exclusive personable visual impact.

Page weights were consciously kept light to ensure the best possible mobile experience. Caching and cookie use has reduced load times.     

The end result    

NXT have produced an online experience for both new and existing clients that nurtures not only sales, but builds brand loyalty and advocacy all through one integrated content management.

The overall project was delivered successfully and NXT will continue to support a update the site through ongoing support.

We endeavour to maintain a long-term relationship with every one of our clients and are already planning future projects with Bank Leumi.               


  • Umbraco Content Management
  • Support Package
  • Managed Hosting
  • Security by Design
  • Azure Hosting
  • Brand Development
  • Automated Rates


  • Digital consultancy and site planning
  • Responsive website redesign and build
  • Project management and development planning
  • Bespoke content management solution
  • Security planning and implementation
  • Umbraco Forms integration
  • Market research and analysis
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Hosting, reporting and monitoring system
  • Contracted SLA support for hierarchy of priorities

We, at Leumi UK, have been thoroughly impressed by the professional and diligent service we have received from NXT right from the beginning. From the very start of the design process to the launch of the website, the team was always on hand to respond to any requests in a timely fashion and there was an open line of communication at every stage. They understood our vision and worked with us to create a new website that encompassed our many complex requirements and perfectly reflected the image our brand. We are very happy with the final product. A special thanks to Scott, Pete and the rest of the team who worked on our project for their dedication, expertise and guidance throughout.

Liat Levron-Moskovich
Head of Marketing and Public Relations


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