Design planning, design creation and front end responsive development

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Publicitas - Swiss HQ Website

Design planning, design creation and front end responsive development

Publicitas are a leading international media services company. Headquartered in Switzerland, they employ 860 people in more than 20 countries worldwide. Publicitas represent international media owners in local markets and offer advertising customers direct access to the most prestigious media in more than 100 countries. Their website was previously an under-used resource for internal media experts and clients, searching for representations and statistics. NXT was chosen as the preferred supplier to help review all the design and front end requirements to increase usability and interactivity within the site.

NXT and the Publicitas digital marketing team have history together. In 2013, NXT helped launch the Global and regional (22) Publicitas websites. The flagship site for the Swiss market was also commissioned to the team in 2014. NXT worked in partnership with the Publicitas marketing team to mock up and design all new templates for this brand leading website using Red Pen design review software, helping all regional teams across Europe to review and feedback on design concepts. The localised site in German, French and Italian wasn't the easiest design to manage without understanding the language but this was overcome (with quite a few Skype conference calls) and we created a solution that were really proud to showcase. All designs and developments were made responsively and we worked in partnership with a Swiss CMS development agency to implement all front-end code developed by NXT. 


  • UX planning
  • Design audit
  • Website design
  • responsive development
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • jQuery


  • Digital consultancy and site planning
  • Front end website design and development including responsive design
  • Partnership development with another .NET agency completing CMS development
  • Customised search and advanced search system for Media information and factsheets
  • eMarketing support and development
  • Intranet design and development

Colleagues at NXT were aware of all the latest trends-in web development and design, and able to implement them.

Caroline Granata
Online Marketing Manager


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