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Umbraco V8 release

by Chris Hall Senior Developer

 Posted on December 02, 2019


Update: 17th March 2020 - Security Release. 

Umbraco have now released a critical security update for installations between:

  • 4.11.9  - 4.11.10
  • 6.0.6 - 6.2.6
  • 7.0.0 - 7.15.3
  • 8.0.0 - 8.5.4

For more information, please read here

If your CMS is linked with these versions, we suggest you get in touch with us to schedule an update as this has been deemed high risk.

Forms - there is also an Umbraco Forms upgrade to be delivered too. 


As an Umbraco development agency in Surrey and Partner, we’re big fans of this .NET CMS

We’ve been developing websites and applications within Umbraco for over 8 years and we’ve witnessed it’s evolution over the years. 

With the recent release of Umbraco version 8 we were, slightly reluctant to jump in feet first with this first few releases and commit clients to an upgrade, earlier this year. 

However, we’ve tried the amazing features released, offering further ease and simplicity to update you website or application. We've road tested the update and rolled our our own internal development version and we're happy now to give it our agency rubber stamp of approval. 



This version specifically allows editors new “Infinite Editing” which creates seamless workflows to reduce jumping between sections and tabs.

New language and localisation options have also been added with side by side editing, which seems to be a great new feature. 

This version has also gone through a large security overhaul and and audit. Now V8 has key patches to some of the community concerns and works well with pre-existing plugins such as Umbraco Forms.

As an agency, NXT has developed our own internal Umbraco CMS installation package for version 8, which uses optimised user experience elements for commonly used features.

For new customers they will be added to this latest version at the time of writing. For any new or existing clients that are not added to pro-active maintenance programmes we can provide you a quote for an update to migrate you if you share your current installation version.

 If you need support or have any questions, please do let us know. 

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