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  • Can you afford to lose business critical information?

Can you afford to lose business critical information?

by Peter Hinchliffe Director

 Posted on May 27, 2016

NXT have noted some recent high profile server outages, which have cost businesses their; data, website, email and more. Can your business afford this sort of outage? 

As recently publicised by BBC News article, 123 Reg on of the UK's largest domain and website provider in the UK with approximately 1.7 million customer websites, recently experience a major outage and data loss. Their small business customer base has recently been affected by the "accidental deletion" of customers VPS servers and websites. 

This is a classic example of a very competitive self serving hosting solution losing data and this isn't the first time NXT have heard of this happening. In a digital critical competitive market, can you afford to have some or any downtime for your business? We understand they are in the process of "working with a data recovery specialist to manage the process of restoration." For customers without a managed back up solution this process of restoring the data may take weeks, months or in some cases not at all. 

At NXT, we have a variety of enterprise level hosting and backup solutions with formal SLA agreements so this won't happen to our clients. If you're concerned about any of your business digital assets, give us a shout! 

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