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We consistently deliver successful results for our clients. Our specialist skills encompass the following key areas.

  • Website Design and Development
  • Website Design and Development

    For over 14 years we have been delivering powerfully creative solutions to help clients attract and do more business online. We are not off-the-shelf. We design and build fresh, distinctive and engaging websites that make your business stand out from the crowd and bring your brand to life through striking images, relevant and engaging content, and intuitive navigation.

    Our design team can create outstanding visuals which are not only cutting edge but also highly practical for the respective project. Every angle is methodically taken care of, functionality, online identity, company image, impact the website should make, the appeal of the aesthetics on its intended market and the longevity of the website. Visitors will be considered to ensure no opportunity is missed in providing them with the best online experience and providing you with a high quality website.

    Whether it's a completely new online presence or one that seamlessly incorporates existing marketing strategy ideas, all our sites are built for accessibility, ensuring compliance with W3C guidelines and best practices; always with a close eye on good SEO practices and future technologies. We test all of our content, code and functionality in major browsers to ensure that the go live is as smooth as possible.

    From small businesses such as Event Insurance Services to corporate enterprises, such as Hewlett Packard and public sector organisations, such as the Department for Education, we deliver consistent results throughout the full range of design and digital solutions. If you want to build brand awareness, sell products, deliver services or simply to keep people informed, we can promise a fresh new approach to creating a high profile web presence to engage your audience and get results.

    We can also test your current site for usability, accessibility, search engine optimisation and conversion rates and suggest ways you can improve and develop it. By listening to your requirements, understanding your company and making sure you understand the options you have available we can point you in the right direction.

    Our other services include:

    • Simple vanity sites
    • Content Managed Sites
    • Intranets
    • Extranets
    • CD-ROMS
    • Search engine ready architecture
    • Maintenance packages
    • Animated banner advertisements
    • Full-flash websites
    • Animated presentations and effects
  • Web Applications
  • Web & Mobile Applications

    There’s little to tell the difference these days between websites and web applications - or apps. Business software and the running of internal processes are moving from the desktop to the web. We can help you provide browser-based tools that people can access, share and use anywhere, any time.

    NXT has developed various completely bespoke systems, including, but not limited to: online reservations and booking systems; back-office system integrations; accounting system integrations and analysing and reporting functionality. Nearly all of our projects have at least some application components. As no two web applications are the same, every project is tailored specifically to your business needs.

    Effective web applications can significantly increase the profitability of your business by reducing the man hours spent on repetitive tasks, increasing efficiencies and improving the experience for your users (clients AND staff). In particular, small businesses with limited budgets can benefit from freeing up time for their key staff to use more productively.

  • e-Commerce
  • e-Commerce

    e-Commerce, or online shopping, is still one of the fastest growing uses of the internet. Our e-commerce solutions are already helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to put their shops online, with product catalogues and shopping carts, secure, online debit/credit card transactions, personalised design & build, integration with back-office systems and powerful analytics to track and manage performance in real time.

    Payment Gateways Our aim is to make the road to creating a successful online store painless for you. Whether you have a single item to sell or an entire warehouse, we can provide a web shop solution. Getting all the systems to work seamlessly together is one of the big challenges when creating any e-Commerce environment. We have extensive expertise in hooking up a wide range of different platforms, content management software, payment gateways (such as RBS WorldPay and SagePay) and bespoke stock management systems to make sure the development of your new site happens without a hitch and that your customers journey from first search to return purchase is as streamlined and as friendly as possible.

    Some example e-Commerce site features:

    • Advanced product searches
    • Discounts and promotions
    • User product reviews
    • CRM database integration
    • Secure payment integration
    • Full product and content management
    • Order management and fulfillment
    • Security & data privacy
    • Customer account area
    • Customer order history
    • Multiple delivery addresses for customers
    • Multiple payment methods for customers
    • Mini-basket display
    • Manually assigned product cross-sells
    • Automatic price/currency conversion
    • Import/export product data
    • Customer data import/export
    • Order export
    • Stock countdown facility
    • Bespoke module development
  • Interactive
  • Interactive

    The web enables you to engage people directly with your products, services, content or brand. Clever use of interactive games on your website can deliver much more than simple user engagement. A positive, fun experience encourages visitors to explore your offering. Our professionals have successfully created, developed and promoted many games for businesses large and small.

    Including interactive games will attract more visitors to your website. These games can also be distributed on other sites, and are virtually free to do so once created, whilst increasing your visibility and the number of visitors to your site, especially repeated visits. People love games and are always looking for good interactive experiences. Increasing the number of visitors to your website helps increase your sales and the profitability of your business.

    Some examples of interactive content and services:

    • Competitions
    • Highscore boards
    • Multi-player games
    • Social Media Integration
    • Viral Marketing
    • Sign ups
  • Managed Hosting and Domain Name Management
  • Managed Hosting and Domain Name Control

    Managed hosting is a safe pair of hands for your website. You get a secure, professionally run website, with optional routine maintenance, without having to invest time and money on an in-house technical team. Our managed hosting service includes domain registration, email accounts, DNS management, FTP access, secure offsite backup and SSL management.

    Our hosting arrangements are fully supported and maintained giving you peace of mind that your website is safe, secure and is not going to fail. Our hardware is deployed within data centres located in the UK and we can host anything from a small, niche website to massive database driven applications and transactional sites utilising secure, state-of-the-art server technology and fully managed database servers.

    We can host your ASP.NET, ASP, or PHP sites, we also support Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. Our solutions are secure, reliable and affordable.

    Our hosting package features:

    • 24/7 server monitoring
    • Daily offsite backups with one flexible retention
    • E-mail accounts
    • Domain management
    • Tailored Packages
    • Firewall protection
    • SSL support
    • DNS management
  • E-mail Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing

    E-mail marketing is a smart, cost-effective way of keeping in touch with your customers and attracting new ones. It’s important to make sure any email communication is relevant and offers value for your customers. We'll create for you professionally designed HTML email campaigns to complement existing digital or traditional marketing campaigns - and show you how to easily create, publish, and track HTML email.

    Every e-mail sent can be tracked, and in most cases it is possible to tell whether it has been delivered, opened and even if the links in it have been clicked. If we are in control of your organisation’s website, then our tracking can also tell you what every recipient that followed a link to your website did and what they did on successive visits too.

    This insight into your clients’ behaviour is invaluable in the process of trying to gauge the success of your e-mail marketing strategy. Additionally it enables you to build a database of the characteristics for each individual recipient, thereby allowing us to continually tailor our communication format to increase effectiveness.

    • Bulk e-mailing
    • Statistical reporting
    • In-depth tracking
    • Newsletters
    • E-mail marketing campaigns
    • Create surveys
    • Add blogs and RSS feeds
    • Plain text equivalent
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Support and Maintenance

    Support is a vital component in digital marketing success. Once you’ve created a highly visible presence on the web, you need to sustain that image, 24x7. Many of our clients have been with us more than nine years and our continued relationship with them is testimony to our hard work and dedication to the successful and sustained online delivery of their business models.

    Going live does not mark the end of a project. Your website needs to remain up-to-date at all times. As your business grows you may want to add additional content or features or you may simply want us to tweak the design. Whatever your ongoing needs, you are likely to have a number of changes you need to make. With our Support and Maintenance Plan you purchase our time and the assurance of dedicated resources from us because we schedule the time in just like we schedule our projects.

    We offer a number of different options, from a few hours per month to numerous days per month, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. You can use our time for support issues, design, and development, your wish is our command.

    Our support services, governed by a tailored Service Level Agreement, ensure that client websites are professionally hosted, enhanced and administered. We will ensure that all technical and creative work meets your requirements and that new ideas and opportunities are presented for consideration.

    Our Support and Maintenance Plan features:

    • Dedicated account manager
    • Office hours support
    • After hours support
    • Reduced rates for repeat maintenance
    • Service Level Agreements
    • Personal service
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Your website is literally one in a million – or many millions. However amazing, it is only worth something if people know it’s there. So part of our job is to make sure your site is fully optimised for all search engines. With intelligent search engine optimisation, you can make your site more visible and intuitive for visitors while improving your search engine ranking.

    If you want your website to achieve any kind of success, you must maintain a favourable search engine ranking, optimisation is an integral part of the proceedings and is absolutely crucial in an age where competition is tough.

    To improve a site's ranking in the natural search results various areas must be considered, for instance, the content should be unique and specific to allow search engines to associate the site with relevant keywords, the sites coding and performance, structure and navigation should be implemented in a way that allows search engines to navigate and understand the site. On top of this relevant inbound links must be considered in order to develop trust within the search engines and reinforce the site's association with specific topics and keywords. You can also achieve better search engine placements with the addition of social media e.g. social bookmarks, Tweets, blogs, Facebook etc.

    Google, and other search engines are continually changing their algorithms so we continually monitor the changes and can refine your setup wherever we feel there's an improvement to be had, to achieve your realistic goals.

    Key factors that will effect your SEO:

    • Hosting and domains
    • Indexability and accessibility
    • Meta Data
    • HTML and site structure
    • Navigation structure and link equity
    • Content presentation, prominence and update frequency
    • Duplicate content and canonical issues
    • Page title and descriptions
    • Keyword and page conversion analysis
    • Link building
    • Social media
    • Site performance and quality control
  • Social Networking
  • Social Networking

    Social networking sites offer great new opportunities for your business. But you need to play by the rules, and only engage when you have something to contribute to the conversation. We can help you integrate social media with your website, email and other marketing channels, using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and popular forums and user groups.

    Social networking sites can be used to bring high quality traffic to your website. The people who view your content or read about your business are already interested before they click the link to your site. Once they access your site, they are more likely to do business with you.

    If you’ve never thought about how to utilise Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In to enhance your business, it’s time to start. They provide a flexible platform for placing adverts, driving viral marketing messages, spreading brand awareness and engaging directly with specific like-minded audiences with similar lifestyle interests. Getting more involved in social networking gives you the opportunity to grow relationships that develop brand loyalty. Your ‘fans’ can share their views and communicate their experiences to an even wider audience through their own networking activity. More importantly it allows you to influence the other users when you post your comments/views.

    Creating and maintaining a blog on your website is also a great tool for your business. Writing a blog that is related to your business will help customers view you as an expert in your field. As you build your list of subscribers, your readers become customers. Customers who find businesses and regularly read blogs on the site often become repeat customers. We can help you with blog execution and in gaining exposure for your blog.

    We can maximise the impact of your social media offerings. Whether it’s a simple post or an app – a game or tool we can work out a unique, tailored campaign that’s right for you.

    Some example features of a social networking

    • Blogs
    • Twitter
    • You Tube
    • Facebook
    • Games
    • Virals
    • iPhone applications
    • Polls and questionnaires
    • Chat applications and forums
  • Website Analytics
  • Website Analytics

    Web Analytics will arm you with essential management information to assess how well your online business is performing. It can keep you up to date with who is visiting your site, when they are visiting your site and which pages are popular, allowing us to improve your site on a regular basis and help you understand where your traffic is coming from.

    Advanced tracking systems can provide a wide variety of crucial information about visitors and online marketing campaigns, such as how your visitors navigate your site, tracking of sales and other conversions, what your most cost effective traffic sources are, or which pay per click keywords provide the best return on investment.

    We can advise on interpreting this information help to make informed decisions about site usability, and the effectiveness of search engine optimisation and online marketing campaigns

    Some example useful analytics information:

    • Traffic levels
    • Visitor and content summaries
    • Landing Page analysis
    • Landing Page effectiveness
    • Referring sources
    • Navigation Paths
    • Referring Keywords
    • Conversion path analysis
    • Time spent on site
    • User Trends
    • Content areas and usage
    • Repeat visits & new users

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