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NXT commits to Guildford

by Peter Hinchliffe Director

 Posted on March 15, 2021

The past 12 months have been extremely difficult for businesses with the Covid-19 outbreak and changes to the way we all work.

Government restrictions on movement and office working has forced everyone to be more flexible and where possible, work remotely.

For NXT, working remotely has always been part of our standard operating procedure for our team, working and developing on secure systems and tools from home or the office. So when our hands were forced last March, for all staff to work remotely, we transitioned with ease.

Fast-forward 12 months, even though we’ve adapted, we can now see an end to the worst of this pandemic and can get back to “business as normal”. Some businesses have now changed their working models to offer more flexibility for working remotely more often which is great, perhaps we will do the same.

For NXT, we know the future is always in team collaboration and the office has always been that melting pot for creativity, ideas and team head scratching when issues occur. We’ve now completed our lease renewal with our landlords to confirm our NXT Guildford office for another 5 more years. We’re committing to our central Guildford location and local staff network. This takes our time in Jeffries passage to potentially 15 years!! We are proud to be Guildford based with our awesome partners, clients and other agency networks we’ve supported over the years.

Bring on 12th June so we can have a great big team lunch down at the Tup!

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Peter heads up our client liaison side of NXT, supporting everything from new business and strategy opportunities, client and project liaison, through to project training and handover. Peter's key interests lie in digital marketing and technical development strategy and planning. Keep track of Peter's updates on the NXT Twitter feed. Don't follow his personal account unless you are into rugby, football, golf, F1, carp fishing or general customer service complaints to brands. 

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